Jungle Source
County Criminal Search

The County Criminal Search is the most common of all background screening searches. This search is designed to uncover misdemeanor (e.g., shoplifting, trespassing, assault) and felony (e.g., rape, robbery, murder) cases in all 3007 counties in the United States.

This essential search includes obtaining and verifying accurate and current data from the specific courthouse and providing you with:
    • Case number
    • Charge
    • Charge level
    • Disposition
    • File date
    • Identifiers
    • Sentence
For felony cases we attempt to get at least three matching identifiers and at least two matching identifiers on misdemeanor cases. Our typical county criminal background searches include a standard seven-year search; however, more expansive search terms are possible.

Note: Some jurisdictions charge a fee to access their records in addition to the service fee assessed by Jungle Source.

Common uses for this service:
Identify applicants with disqualifying convictions.
To determine applicants level of honesty.

Average turnaround time for this service:  1 – 72 hours

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